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2. I am cool because I love the 80's and I love the 60's as well I especially love simon and garfunkel ( I have the box set) Also I have red hair that is long (kind of like a hippe :))

3. Well I don't really know meg and kristi, but I don't even know you and already I love you just for making this community

4. bands: the strokes, the beatles, jethro tull, eric clapton, billy joel, pink floyd, simon and garfunkel etc. etc. sports: im a swimmer hardcore... thats about it.

5. my fondest childhood memory would have to be when I got my first kiss in kindergarden, lets just say we were playing house and things got a little heated and i got a kiss on the cheek.

Here are some wonderful photos of yours truley: (sorry they are kinda big, I didnt know how to re-size them)

my shoes. :)

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