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Ok i'll do this the right way....

(not sure if that pic will work, if not ill post one as a comment)
This is me, my icon is also me.

2. Well i think im cool cause....i work at DQ and i could probly score u guys some ice cream or something..... i see u guys like squad five-0 and my cousins(the blamed) used to tour with them so yeah..... i play guitar thats got to count for somethen.
3. Because i enjoy reading there journals,and looking there pics!
4. Brand New,Coheed,Thursday,Foreknown,Sinai Beach, Anti-flag, NOFX, norma jean, k!l,ace high(represent! hehe thats my band)...guitar,bass,drums,singen,music in general, snowboarding,warming the bech during football season, friends,of coarse my lj!
5. ummmmmmm going to the circus!
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