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i think im finally catching on

just got my camera so these are just some pics me and my sister were messing around with. ill have better ones later.
2. not only am i cool but i am thE coolest.  the fact that i just made that e capital makes me even cooler.
3. well, i dont know meg or christi. but i bet they are cool. cos they go to chs. everyone knows youre automatically cool if you go to a school as ghetto as ours.
4. i basically like anything that can keep me interested for more than a minute. movies, books, music, food, friends. i love all kinds of music. except for the icp kinda stuff. just cant stand it for some reason. look in the profile if you wanna know actual bands. same goes for movies. my favorite part of life is just hanging out with my friends. it doesnt matter what were doing. i just love being surrounded by the people i love and who love me in return.
5. fondest childhood memory...hmm. definitely gotta be sharing a room with my sister. everynight my mom would come and tuck us in. my sister had a blue bed and i had a pink one. and they were right next to eachother. and then my mom would turn out the lights and turn our nightlight on and sing us twinkle twinkle little star. and then when she was done shed turn on this little music box that we couldnt sleep without. i think it played a small world after all or something like that. she always scratched our backs too. i remember shed close the door all the way and itd scare my little sister so id always get out of bed and open it a crack measuring the space between the wall in the door with my foot so it shown the perfect amount of light. man we were cool. i miss those days.
and waking up to snow in new york when i was in third grade. and coming downstairs to the fireplace lit and hot cocoa. those were the days.

now accept me so i can be cool with you guys.
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