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ok christi. you are an AMATEUR at communities. i shall work on a layout.

rule number..

1. You MUST post pictures. if there are more than 3, put them behind an LJ cut. minumum is 2
2. short description of why you think you are cool
3. short description of why you love meg and christi
4. bands you like, things you like, basically whatever the heck entertains you in this world, and anything else about you.
5. your fondest childhood memory

oh and give your name retards.

aiight. i'm starting this crap.

I'm elizabeth rose muoio.

1. i think i am cool mainly because i know christi and meg. oh, and people say i'm gangster if that counts for anything. plus when i get home from school i take off my clothes and sit around in my underwear an bra until it's time for dinner.

2. i love meg and christi because. meg is in my french class. she's hot. christi is amazing, and she's hot. basically they are hot, that's the only reason.

3. i like bands. i'm open to pretty much anything. just look at my interests because i'm too cool to list the bands. i like AIM. alot. so hey, hit me up some time. oh and house of mouse is amazing, along with the fairly oddparents. i love taking pictures, but i'm not going to say photography because then i'd be some scene kid. i love reading, and i try to as often as i can. i theorize, discuss, and enjoy open discussions and debates about just anything. i drink kerns juice before i go to bed, and i like hot earl grey tea in the morning. foggy and overcast weather puts me in a good mood, and sun burns my eyes. i like to sing and dance around, just about anywhere. and i am still addicted to the spice girls. i'm honest, and loving. gangsta rap is cool, but only if i know the entire song and have a duet with somebody. disney movies are my comfort. along with macaroni and cheese. i know every disney song ever created, along with every word. the first songs i ever remember hearing are simon and garfunkel- baby driver, queen- bohemian rhapsody and U2- one. i think that's it. i was just blabing. it's late and i'm bored.

4. my fondest childhood memory would have to be my three best friends jessica, raymond, and shawna. we spent every day together all day. and we would walk to 7 11 at age 8 through a feild and cross a lake and explore, all for 1 dollar sweetarts and a long ride home in a wagon dressed up as imaginary characters.


moira made it

PHAT on the right

sorry for so many. i'm bored.


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